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One idea, One step, One individual, at a time - lighting the path forward for creative writers, tearing down corporate barriers and giving you the help you need to turn your steps into strides.

Our Mission

At RidhzWorld Publishing, we are passionate about book publishing, audiobook creation, marketing, and mass media. Our mission is to empower minds to reach audiences through books, audiobooks, or visual media.
We believe that books, and the stories and ideas they hold, have the unique capacity to connect us, change us, and carry us toward a better future for generations to come. That is why we are committed to working with authors and publishers from all over the world to create books that will resonate with readers everywhere.
We believe in giving utmost attention and care to your creatives from ideas stage to introduction in the market globally. We want you to follow your passion and leave rest on us.

Our Beginning

RidhzWorld Publishing was founded with the goal of helping people change the world, even if it is only in a small way. The company was started by Ridhhaan Jaiin when he was just 8 years old. After establishing himself as an author and audiobook narrator, Ridhhaan realized that there were many other people out there with similar talents who just needed a little support, platform, and encouragement to unleash their potential. This foundation provides those opportunities to anyone who wants to take a step towards learning and growing.

What are we doing?

RidhzWorld Publishing has established itself as an international source for entertaining and educational books. Our titles have been distributed in ebook, paperback and audiobook formats, such as "The Mirror and The Greedy Man", "The Despicable Virus", "Penny and The Monsters", "The Sunshine Saga: Volume 1" and "Once Upon In Our Minds". 

Furthermore, RidhzWorld has launched a story writing competition dubbed 'Once Upon In Our Minds' to encourage young minds around the world to explore their creativity. Judging panels of qualified literature experts and child psychologists evaluate all entries with utmost care, so that readers can be confident that only high-quality stories are published. As a token of appreciation, RidhzWorld sponsors the book of every winning entry, thus providing recognition and acknowledgment to international authors!

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