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"Once Upon In Our Minds: Celebrating World Book Day"

World Book Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the joy of reading and to encourage everyone to pick up a book and explore new worlds. Whether you prefer paperback books or e-books, reading has many benefits and can be a great way to relax and unwind. We at RidhzWorld Publishing wish all our followers a very happy World Book Day and encourage everyone to keep reading, learning and growing!

Launch of the book "Once Upon In Our Minds"

On April 21, '23, Ridhhaan Jaiin brought joy to students of Grade 4 and 5 as he launched his book "Once Upon In Our Minds", which featured the work of eight talented story writing contest winners Aabha Ghuli, Aadhya Garg, Anshika Iyer, Jinal Shah, Namit Jagirdar, Saanchi Singh, Shiza Fatima, Shreelekha Shinde.

The launch started with inspiring activities by Ridhhaan himself, followed by a talk about his journey as an author, the book publishing process, thoughts on creative writing, his support for NGOs (the school for blind children and orphanage BVJSS), learnings from this project and even a small experiment explaining why writing is so important.

The event was made even more special when Principal Dr. Lakshmi Prasanna opened the book alongside Ridhhaan Jaiin, Sumita Bajpai (Writing partner Kubic Online’s Co-Founder and CEO), Abhay Ghuli (one of the contest winners), Simran Wadhwani (May Way Marketing’s Founder and Contest Social Media partner), and GIIS school coordinators.

Principal Prasanna finished off with an encouraging message that had everyone smiling - reminding us all that we should delve into positive activities like those done by Ridhhaan Jaiin! Of course - you can purchase "Once Upon in our Minds" via Amazon or in either eBook or paperback formats. Let's join forces to be like rainbows in someone's cloud - it truly brings great joy!


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