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"We are as colourful as a rainbow!! When all colours merge, they form into white i.e. peace and without peace we can't learn"

Ridhhaan Jaiin

Image of Ridhhaan Jaiin signing his first book "Once Upon In My Mind" as an author

An Affectionate Boy

Founder of RidhzWorld Publishing, Ridhhaan Jaiin has been weaving stories since an age when children usually just listen to them! He is always brimming with new ideas and loves to share them with his family and friends. An intuitive child, he observes his surroundings to build his imaginary world, and believes in happy endings, good morals and adding value to life. Ridhhaan is an emotional, sensitive, fun-loving, and self-motivated child. He is full of energy, loves to play all sports, is fond of music, enjoys art and gels very well with any age group. At the age of 6, he put his thoughts to paper, and created magic! His first book – ‘Once Upon in My Mind’, published when he was 8, made him one of India’s youngest authors! He has since then released three more books "The Mirror and The Greedy Man", "The Despicable Virus", "Penny and The Monsters". He has lent his voice to the audiobook version of the same books. He has conducted several story reading sessions for kids between 4 and 10 years of age.  He has addressed kids from age 7 to 12 years across multiple schools as a motivational speaker. Additionally, he has involved himself in many social service projects and is a brand ambassador of BVJSS NGO based in Pune, India


Audiobook cover of Ridhhaan Jaiin's Once Upon In Our Mind
The Mirror and the greedy Man audiobook cover page by narrator Ridhhaan Jaiin
The Despicanle Virus audiobook cover narrated by Ridhhaan Jaiin
Penny and the monsters audiobook cover narrated by Ridhhaan Jaiin



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