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Ridhhaan's Visit To Wisdom World School

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Ridhhaan addressed the kids of Wisdom World School in both their branches i.e., Hadapsar and Wakad. Kids were introduced to book publishing process, story writing and followed by motivational learning for kids. The event was attended by total 100 plus students from both the location, 6 teachers, principal and trustee of the school.

The talk started with a brief introduction of who is an author and what does it take to be one. This was followed by a walkthrough of the process of publishing a book – right from the idea stage to seeing the finished product on the shelves. The students were then introduced to the basics of story writing, and were given tips on how to come up with ideas for stories.

The support of the Wisdom World School community was moving. We could feel the love in the room, and it was truly an honor to be able to share my thoughts and journey as an author with such an engaged and interested group. Thank you so much for the invitation and opportunity.

The Trustee of the school, Manisha Agarwal, was also very impressed with Ridhhaan's talk and felicitated him for his contribution.


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