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The Dream Come True Moment: When My Book Was Accepted Into The School Library

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

It was a dream come true moment for Ridhhaan when the principal of his school accepted his book "Once Upon In My Mind" for the school library. Ridhhaan, being the student of the same school, made this event even more special for him. Since the book has been kept in the library, it has been one of the most busiest books and has never been available for weeks to take back home.

Ridhhaan's book has been inspiring many young writers, giving them hope to see their book in their school library soon.

Over being an author, Ridhhaan has been visiting schools as a guest speaker.

The talk starts with a brief introduction of who is an author and what does it take to be one. This is followed by a walkthrough of the process of publishing a book – right from the idea stage to seeing the finished product on the shelves. The students are then introduced to the basics of story writing, and are given tips on how to come up with ideas for stories.


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