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The Unwritten Why: Exploring the Depths of Writing Motivations

The Unwritten Why: Asking the WHY is important…

There is a lot said and written about the importance of reading as a medium of expression and communication. However, writing is also an important form of expression and communication. But, have you ever wondered why someone writes? There are several reasons why people put their thoughts on paper.

Different writing tools

The Unwritten Why: A few that I could come up with:

1. For instance, some people may find it easier to express themselves through writing than speaking in public.

2. Others may want to share their ideas with a larger audience.

3. Additionally, writing can be a therapeutic outlet for those who need to vent their emotions or frustrations.

4. Writing can also help to clear the mind and create space for new ideas to form.

5. Some people write because they want to share their creativity with others, while others use writing as a way to reflect on their own lives.

6. Journals and diaries are a popular form of writing and can serve as a form of personal reflection.

7. Taking down notes while talking to prospects is another form of writing altogether.

Writing comes in many different forms such as books, blogs, articles, letters, and journals. The key to effective writing is to create a strong impact on the audience. I feel if someone starts writing at a young age they tend to express better later on in life.

What other reasons can you think of for someone to write?


About Writer: Sumita Bajpai

Sumita Bajpai

Meet Sumita Bajpai, an accomplished educator with over two decades of experience, where confidence, extroversion, and exceptional PR skills have been integral to her success. Beyond the classroom, Sumita is a highly social individual, deeply passionate about both managing organizations and teams and the art of teaching. As a testament to her mentoring prowess, one of her students has already become a published author, a source of immense pride for Sumita.

Known for her ability to seamlessly blend traditional subject matter with essential life skills, Sumita has earned the admiration of her students over the past decade in the education sector. Continuous learning is a cornerstone of her philosophy, and she remains an avid reader, finding that content writing comes to her effortlessly.

In her remarkable journey, Sumita's extraordinary skills in planning and execution have played a pivotal role in the organization's success. Punctuality and a commitment to SMART goals underscore her work ethic, ensuring a high standard of professionalism in all endeavors.

Beyond the classroom, Sumita's versatility shines as she enjoys hosting and anchoring events and functions, particularly those related to education. With an unwavering belief in her ability to effect positive change in the lives of countless students, Sumita Bajpai stands as an inspiring force in the realm of education.


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