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Beyond the Sword: Revelations from Arthur's Realm

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Book Title: Arthur of Albion

Author: John Matthews


Rediscovering Wisdom in Ancient Tales and Applying it to Modern Life

Arthur of Albion is severely underrated. What are the symptoms of completely losing your mind? When you realize that Arthurian legends are now what keep you sane during the exam season. Hence, let me make a few conclusions.

1. I am an old lady.

2. I am DEFINITELY an old lady.

So, yes, I have now transformed myself into a coastal grandmother who lives in some far-flung island town. Why, you may ask? Well, the simplest answer would most likely be the fact that I, a teenage girl, find pleasure in reading stories that are as old as honey, concocted by probably a Welsh cleric? (not to say they aren’t good, they’re great)

The author, John Matthews, has done full justice to each and every tale. Hence, from his wide collection of historical and mythological books, I have decided to share my thoughts on Arthur of Albion.

Now, since I have pushed you, dear reader, down the rabbit hole of enchanted swords, powerful sorcerers, valiant knights, and interesting beasts, I’ll go ahead and take the opportunity to justify why Arthur of Albion has imprinted itself on the surface of my brain.

Sir Lancelot, Merlin, King Arthur illustration

In the book, we find a mix of main characters, ranging from Sir Lancelot and Merlin to King Arthur himself. Ultimately, however, each character was perfectly written, and frankly, it was super fun to just tag along with the protagonist of that chapter, wondering what was going to happen! It just so happens that another main focus of the book is the Knights of the Round Table.

The Knights of the Round Table, to me, symbolize the peak of the reign of Arthur. It symbolizes righteousness, equality, and pure devotion. One of my favorite Knights, Sir Lancelot, has a whole chapter about his life which gives us a beautiful insight into his disposition. His tale was definitely the highlight of the book in my opinion, filled with sorrow, romance, loyalty, and kindness with definitive conquest.

Undeniable and impeccable, these magnificent tales are brought to life not only by captivating language but also a certain curiosity woven into each chronicle. Also, props to the exquisite illustrator Pavel Tatarnikov, who with the utmost delicacy, managed to create an ethereal and whimsical ambiance within the book.

With each word and each illustration, the story was illuminated, and I think it’s a perfect accumulation of knowledge and legends passed down from one generation to another. It really is something that warms your heart and gives you comfort in the darkest of times. I mean, isn’t that what legends are supposed to do? There’s always a little particular part of these inexplicable stories that makes themselves at home in our souls. Basically, in my case, Arthurian legends have become an important part of who I am.

As an added plus point, we get such intricate descriptions of the setting of each tale that it’s quite difficult to believe that you aren’t Sir Gawain, discreetly following the White Hart. It just so happens that King Arthur also has reached my English textbook, and to be honest, it is exactly why I picked up this book from my never-ending TBR (To Be Read).

Weirdly enough, the most intriguing part of my whole experience with Arthurian legends was the very fact that they seemed so very real even though, in today’s world, an ideal of modernism is heavily involved. In this world, ripped apart by war and hate, these legends bind people together and keep them grounded. I really appreciate that.

So, overall, if you need a little reminder that magic and marvels still exist, Arthur of Albion is for sure the book you need to get on your bookshelf!

Important Learning: "Arthur of Albion," a compelling exploration of Arthurian legends by John Matthews, unveils timeless lessons of righteousness, equality, and pure devotion through captivating narratives. The book not only preserves ancient tales but also emphasizes the enduring power of stories in shaping our lives. Beyond the Sword: Revelations from Arthur's Realm







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