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When Words Come Alive: The Power of Integrating Music, Reading, and Writing

Letters and lyrics!

When Words Come Alive: A few short years ago, when I, dear reader, was a mere child, I happened to stumble upon the largest gift bestowed upon civilization: song. Music. Tune. Saying I was immediately hooked is probably the understatement of the century. So, yes, if you ask literally any one of my family members or limited but close friends about me, I’m positive that the first thing they'll say is, "She reads and writes!" and then they'll go on to say, "She’s obsessed with Taylor Swift!" And so speaking, I wholeheartedly agree with them! Yes, I definitely listen to artists other than Dr. Taylor Alison Swift [maybe like 4], but music has a very important place in my life and has shaped my entire personality. It even goes as far as to influence my reading and writing skills! Therefore, let’s talk about how music (in my opinion) goes hand in in hand with reading and writing!

The Harmony of Letters and Lyrics: Exploring the Symbiosis of Music, Reading, and Writing

To be quite frank, I just want to say a person’s taste in music develops with age and experience. So really, while reading or writing or even just in general, you should be listening to what you like. So the recommendations I dish out in this blog should, in no way, make you obligated to listen to them!

So, firstly, let’s talk about reading with a lovely little playlist in the background. IT IS ABSOLUTE HEAVEN. Finding a playlist on Spotify made especially for the book you are reading or even curating your own playlist based on your current read is weirdly fulfilling. Why? Well, that’s because music and literature are interlinked. In my opinion, one cannot exist without the other. These two forms of art were made to be enjoyed both alone and together! For example: You’re reading Percy Jackson fight sequence. Suddenly in the background, you hear the most perfect heavy metal rock song that complements the scene so amazingly, you can’t help but imagine how the scene would play out in real life! (I was thinking "Master of Puppets" by Metallica or "Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin.) Music gives you so many opportunities to get creative and think outside the box! So much so that you can imagine things that are so fantastical that they exceed all your expectations!

Now, going to writing, imagine yourself writing this super sweet ending to your novel where you want to try ending on a simple "we’ll be alright" note. Just as you start jotting down the beginning of the end, a slow reassuring indie song starts playing in the background, giving you all the feels! (I was thinking "Scott Street" by Phoebe Bridgers or "Fine Line" by Harry Styles) But, either way, I’m sure any such song will instigate way too many ideas into your pretty mind! Isn’t that just so great to think about? For me personally, when I write these very blogs, I listen to a whole bunch of genres at random, ranging from a Raag in Indian Classical to a whole Disney soundtrack!

Ultimately, what I really want to stress upon is the very fact that music is something that binds people together. No matter the differences between people, they are all united by the ’sound of music’. In exactly that way, listening to music while reading and writing enhances my experience and helps the gears of my brain turn! So, dear reader, believe me when I say, listen to your jams! Read those books! Write up those words! Find the beauty in the simplest of letters and lyrics and find yourself immersed in the art that these few things are! Because why else would you want to listen to Edith Piaf singing "La Vie En Rose," if you don't want to pretend as if you are roaming around Paris at midnight? Haina?


Blogger Enthusiast: Shreelekha Shinde

Shreelekha Shinde

Introducing Shreelekha Shinde, a Blogger Enthusiast under the enchanting banner of RidhzWorld Publishing. At just eighth-grade, Shreelekha embraces the precious gift of literacy, revelling in the power of reading and writing.

Embarking on a thrilling journey into the blogosphere, Shreelekha has partnered with RidhzWorld Publications to offer readers a captivating glimpse into her unique perspective on life, her literary preferences, and her talent for imaginative storytelling.

More about Shreelekha

A passionate lover of music, Shreelekha's musical tastes span a wide spectrum, from the enchanting melodies of Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey to the intricate rhythms of Indian Classical music. Not only does she appreciate the beauty of music, but she also possesses remarkable abilities in singing and dancing, finding true joy in every aspect of her life. Shreelekha attributes her happiness not only to her beloved family but also to the unwavering support she receives from her mother. With unwavering confidence, Shreelekha believes her blogging journey will be an unforgettable and immensely enjoyable adventure. She wholeheartedly invites you, dear reader, to join her on this exhilarating ride. Stay tuned for her upcoming blog posts and let's meet again in her next enthralling instalment!

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