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Is Ridhzworld helping parents think differently about encouraging and developing child’s passion?

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

The famous proverb “All’s well that ends well” seems so apt with the journey of Ridhzworld and its First Story writing contest that was launched on the 15th of August 22’. It feels like we started just yesterday and truly we have to believe that every ending starts with another beginning. I say beginning as the winners of the contest have been announced and we are already gearing up for the next year.

The positive objective of our 9-year-old young author, speaker and child philanthropist Ridhhaan Jaiin was to provide and encourage budding writers by giving them an online platform to showcase their writing talents, with a promise to publish the winner stories in a book by the publishing house Ridhzworld.

The competition brought about the collaboration of partners like Nanhagyan, who helped with the awareness of the contest through its magazine. Kubic Online (Creative Writing partner) who brought the panel of judges and also created videos to guide the writers for the contest. Make Way Marketing (Social media partner) left no stone unturned when it came to posting videos and audios revolving around the competitions. Each had their share of responsibilities which were carried out with sheer motivation to make this a huge success.

The entries that came online were from around the globe. Just to mention a few like many states within the country and outside like Malaysia, Abu Dhabi. The entries that came in were in good numbers and was overwhelming. The whole event was a good experience. Not only was this platform reaching the talented children but was also creating awareness among parents on how the kids can be allowed to explore. Hence a big round of applause to all the participant kids and parents who sent stories in such great numbers. Kudos to you all!!

The stories were judged by our three Panelist Ms. Divya Nair, Ms. Ankita Manna and Ms. Priyanka Joshi. They had lots of parameters to remove any biasness and plagiarism. Word limit and good language usage were one of the few parameters. We thank the judges for their time and efforts. We had 3 winners from the category of age 5 to 8 years and 6 winners from the category of 9 to 12 years old.

List of winners from Category 1 - 5 to 8 years

Saanchi Singh - 6 years old from Pathshala School, Pune

Namit Jagirdar - 7 years old from Sanjivani International School, Navi Mumbai

Aabha Ghuli – 8 years old from Global Indian International School (GIIS), Pune

List of winners from Category 2 - 9 - 12 years

Gwendlyn Pereira - 9 years old from Kudilal Govindram Seksaria School (KGES), Mumbai

Anshika Iyer - 9 years old from Sanjivani International School, Navi Mumbai

Aadhya Garg - 10 years old from Podar International School, Mangalore

Shiza Fatima - 10 years old Abu Dhabi Indian School, Abu Dhabi

Shreelekha Shinde - 12 years old from Wisdom World School, Pune

Jinal Shah - 12 years old from Vibgyor High School, Pune

Congratulations to the winners. We are proud of you. Details of the winners are available on the website

Last but not the least, Ridhzworld will make the book available for all to purchase and enjoy reading it hopefully by March 2023.

We wish them all the best and I will see you around the next season of the contest.


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