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Embracing Imperfection: The Perfect Protagonist (Non-Existent)

As a teenage girl, I'm navigating girlhood like a fever, realizing that my shortcomings don't define the person I strive to become. When I read, perfectionism often dominates characters, sometimes eliciting a positive response, and other times, a roll of my eyes. However, characters riddled with flaws enhance my reading experience, making it more relatable.

The Illusion of Perfection in Characters

Author thinking and writing

Despite my belief that perfect characters, especially protagonists, don't exist in the literary world, my research (mostly daydreaming) supports this conclusion. Authors' attempts to create flawless characters always result in the acquisition of at least one bad trait. Whether a small habit or a severe flaw, imperfections contribute to a character's depth.

Flaws as Pillars: Learning from Katniss Everdeen

Statue of a character

Characters, like pillars, possess a collection of exclusive attributes. For instance, Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games trilogy embodies strength, protectiveness, and trust issues. These flaws become steppingstones, shaping her character arc, and adding depth to the narrative. Flaws, when executed properly, make a character riveting and interesting.

Embracing Humanity Through Imperfections

Flaws, rather than defining a person, make them humane. It's not about romanticizing inadequacies but appreciating their relatability. Looking at characters with impartiality is a challenging yet conscious effort that unveils not just the character's disposition but also the writer's mindset. The distinction between blind and reasonable judgment is crucial.

Overcoming Together: Flaws as Steppingstones

Character emerging out

In the end, flaws do not define a person or a character; they are steppingstones toward positive attributes. This principle applies to both the real and fictional worlds. Avoiding hasty judgments is emphasized, encouraging readers to remember that the perfect protagonist is an unattainable ideal. Characters inch toward perfection by overcoming their flaws. Let's overcome together, dear reader.

Shall we?


Blogger Enthusiast: Shreelekha Shinde

Shreelekha Shinde

Introducing Shreelekha Shinde, a Blogger Enthusiast under the enchanting banner of RidhzWorld Publishing. At just eighth grade, Shreelekha embraces the precious gift of literacy, revelling in the power of reading and writing.

Embarking on a thrilling journey into the blogosphere, Shreelekha has partnered with RidhzWorld Publications to offer readers a captivating glimpse into her unique perspective on life, her literary preferences, and her talent for imaginative storytelling.

More about Shreelekha

A passionate lover of music, Shreelekha's musical tastes span a wide spectrum, from the enchanting melodies of Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey to the intricate rhythms of Indian Classical music. Not only does she appreciate the beauty of music, but she also possesses remarkable abilities in singing and dancing, finding true joy in every aspect of her life. Shreelekha attributes her happiness not only to her beloved family but also to the unwavering support she receives from her mother. With unwavering confidence, Shreelekha believes her blogging journey will be an unforgettable and immensely enjoyable adventure. She wholeheartedly invites you, dear reader, to join her on this exhilarating ride. Stay tuned for her upcoming blog posts and let's meet again in her next enthralling instalment!

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